Projects involving software packages, data visualization, Google Chrome extensions and Firefox Add-ons, machine learning, Semantic Web, and web archives.



Python library to get statistics on web traffic to your GitHub repositories on PyPI.

Data Visualization

A Graph of Tech

An interactive force-directed graph of notable tech companies, their products, and services using D3.js. Move the clusters around and rearrange their links and relationships.

Chrome Extensions & Firefox Add-ons

icon-48NewTab MemoChromeWebStore_Badge_v2_206x58

Transforms Chrome new tabs into memo pads. Type, edit, and save text.

iconDarkEdit New TabChromeWebStore_Badge_v2_206x58

A lightweight Chrome New Tab extension in a dark theme, with an editable text area.

  URL Alert

URL Alert is a Chrome extension to parse URLs for internationalized domain names and warn against URL phishing attacks.

Google Chrome Themes

crx-images-logo Dark Theme – CharcoalChromeWebStore_Badge_v2_206x58

A lightweight dark theme inspired by charcoal.

unicorn-theme-logoUnicorn ThemeChromeWebStore_Badge_v2_206x58

A unicorn inspired theme, featuring a range of light purple and light blue.

Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing


Processing some interesting text documents through the word2vec machine learning model and visualizing the resulting vectors to discover the relationships and clusters that arise.

Recommendation Systems


This implementation was part of a final project for a graduate course in Data Analytics at the University of Toronto (Winter term, 2016).

Semantic Web


A methodology to process triples data from the Freebase data dumps.


Simple script to query Google’s Knowledge Graph API.


A review of the deprecated Freebase knowledge base and Metaweb Query Language (MQL). A brief comparison of MQL and GraphQL.

Web Archives

Archives Unleashed 1.0 Hackathon

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Event page: Archives Unleashed: Web Archive Hackathon, March 3 – 5, 2016

Archives Unleashed 2.0 Datathon

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Event page: Archives Unleashed 2.0: Web Archive Datathon, June 14 – 15, 2016